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Robbie Brennan (born 1947, Dublin, Ireland died 12 April 2016) was an Irish drummer and a former member of Phil Lynott's band Grand Slam.[1] Brennan also played with a variety of Irish musicians such as Christy Moore, Skid Row,[1]:31 Auto Da Fé,[2] Paul Brady and Clannad.[3]

For several years in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Brennan was the drummer of the Dublin rock band Stepaside, named after the Dublin suburb of the same name,[4] along with ex-Miami Showband member Paul Ashford.[5]

He was also a member of Scullion recording Spin in 1985. Brennan played with Auto Da Fé, then later with Dublin jazz band Hotfoot during the 1980s until it disbanded in 1987.[citation needed]


Brennan died[where?] after a long illness on 12 April 2016.[6]


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