Robbie Ventura

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Robbie Ventura
Personal information
BornMay 5, 1971
 United States
Team information
Current teamRetired
Professional team(s)
1998Navigators Cycing Team
1999-2000Saturn Cycling Team
2001-2004U.S. Postal Service Cycling Team

Robbie Ventura (born May 5, 1971) is an American former professional racing cyclist.[1]


Early career[edit]

Robbie graduated with honors from Lake Forest College with a double major in Business and Psychology. While working toward his bachelor's degree, he played on the Forester hockey team, which advanced to the NCAA Tournament, and was named to the All-American Collegiate Cycling Team. In 2008, he was inducted into the LFC Athletic Hall of Fame for his accomplishments in both hockey and cycling.

Racing career[edit]

Robbie Ventura raced professionally for 12 years, including 3 years in the United States Postal Service Cycling Team. Ventura accumulated over 70 wins.[2]


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