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Rober Haddeciyan

Rober Haddeciyan (also spelled and pronounced as Haddedjian) (Armenian: Ռոպէր Հատտէճեան, born January 26, 1926 in Istanbul, Turkey) and also known as Rober Haddeler, is an Armenian writer, playwright, and since 1967 editor-in-chief of Marmara, an Armenian-language daily newspaper.[1]

Marmara (also known as Nor Marmara) is published six times a week (daily except Sundays). Circulation is reported at 2,200 per issue.[2]


Rober Haddeciyan was born in 1926 in the district of Bakırköy in Istanbul, Turkey, to Avedis Haddeciyan and Siranush.[3][4] He graduated from the Pangaltı Armenian Mkhitarist High School in 1944 and is an Istanbul University Faculty of Letters Department of Philosophy graduate.[5] Haddeciyan, who was already working for Marmara as a journalist, became the editor-in-chief of the newspaper in 1967. His columns in Nor Marmara are translated into Turkish by his daughter-in-law Karolin Haddeler and published in the weekly Turkish supplement. He has published 50 to 60 books so far. One of his most famous books is his novel Arasdagh (Առաստաղ, Ceiling), which has also been published in Turkish under the title Tavan.[6]


In 2011, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Republic of Armenia's Independence, President Serzh Sargsyan awarded Haddeciyan the Mesrob Mashdots Medal for his contributions to Armenian literature, theater, and journalism.[7]


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