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Robert's Western World is a honky tonk located in Nashville Tennessee. It has hosted and continues to host many big name country artists. Some of the famous artists that have passed through Robert's Western World's doors are Big Ben Keith of Crosby, Stills, and Nash; Don Warden, Dolly Parton's manager; and many, many others, including: Billy Robinson, Lloyd Green, Smiley Roberts, Jack Boles, Ron Elliot, Curly Chalker, and Don Helms.

Robert's Western World continues to host local and up and coming country music talent. The band BR549 which gained local and national press from its four-hour nightly gig at Robert's Western World went on to open for country greats, George Strait, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.[1] Despite these accomplishments, the band never made it big with the mainstream country audience.[1] However, BR549 released an album in 1996 titled "Live From Robert's" which was a compilation of original work as well as cover songs recorded in Robert's Western World.

On October 15, 2010, Robert's Western World hosted the "Bluegrass on Broadway" presented by C. F. Martin & Company, this kicked off the annual International Bluegrass Music Association in Nashville.[2] This event showcases bluegrass music and its artists to the public.


The building that houses Robert's Western World was used as a warehouse, office space for river merchants, and a variety of other purposes until the late 1950s.[3] Steel Guitar players, Shot Jackson, and Buddy Emmons bought the venue and named it Sho-bud Steel Guitar Company. The Steel guitar shop manufactured and sold Steel Guitars and other musical instruments until the early 1980s.[3] When lower Broadway hit on hard times the building was converted to a liquor store until Robert Moore bought and converted the building into a western apparel store named Roberts 3 Doors Down. After the lower Broadway area rebounded, Mr. Moore expanded the apparel store to include live entertainment, food, and alcohol.

In 1999, Jesse Lee Jones bought Robert's 3 Doors Down from Robert Moore and renamed it Robert's Western World which still stands today.[4] Jones is the lead singer for the current house band Brazilbilly.[4]


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