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Robert A. Harris is an American film historian, archivist, and film preservationist. Harris, often working with James C. Katz, has restored such films as Lawrence of Arabia, Vertigo, and My Fair Lady.[1]


Other activities[edit]

Harris was also a producer of two films: The Grifters (1990) and Space Avenger (1990).[7]

Published works[edit]

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  • Harris, Robert A. & Katz, James C. (December 1999). "Film Restoration on the eve of the Millennium: A View from the Trenches". In 70 mm: The 70 mm Newsletter (59). Retrieved February 5, 2020 – via{{cite journal}}: CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (link)

Awards and legacy[edit]

In 2010, Harris was honored by the International Press Academy with its Nikola Tesla Award for Visionary Achievement in Filmmaking Technology.[8]

The Academy Film Archive of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is home to the Robert A. Harris Collection, which consists of film, video tape, and audio material related to Harris' restoration work; it includes over 1,100 items.[9]


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