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Robert Anastas - (b 1934 in Hudson, MA) is a former hockey coach and teacher at Wayland High School, in Wayland, Massachusetts. Anastas was an All American Football and Ice Hockey player for AIC (American International College) in Springfield, MA. He was drafted by the Boston Patriots (NFL) in 1960 and after his sports career he joined the Framingham, Massachusetts school system where he was awarded the "Massachusetts Teacher of the Year" .

Anastas founded SADD in 1981 at the school following the deaths of two students in nonrelated drunk driving accidents. SADD developed into the leading anti-drunk driving program for high school students with over 20,000 chapters in high schools North America, Europe, and New Zealand.

SADD originally stood for Students against Driving Drunk, but in 1997, it became Students Against Destructive Decisions and expanded its scope beyond promoting alcohol temperance.

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