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Robert (Bob) Bernecky
Born (1947-01-28) January 28, 1947 (age 75)
University of Buffalo
University of Toronto
Alma materHutchinson Central Technical High School, Buffalo, NY
Known forAPL
Scientific career
FieldsComputer science
InstitutionsI.P. Sharp Associates
Snake Island Research
ThesisAPEX:The APL Parallel Executor - Univ of Toronto, masters
InfluencesKenneth E. Iverson

Robert (Bob) Bernecky is a Canadian computer scientist notable as a designer and implementer of APL. His APL career started at I.P. Sharp Associates (IPSA) in 1971.[1]

Bernecky's first published APL work concerned with speeding up the iota and epsilon (index-of and membership) primitives functions by orders of magnitude.[2] While at IPSA, he was a colleague of Roger Hui,[3] Dick Lathwell,[4] Eugene McDonnell,[5] Roger Moore, Arthur Whitney, and APL inventor Ken Iverson.[5][6] [7]

He continued on after IPSA was acquired by Reuters on 1987-04-01, and left Reuters in 1990 to found Snake Island Research. He conducts research into functional array languages, APL compiler, and parallel-processing technology to this day.

Bernecky holds the Master of Science degree from the University of Toronto.[8]


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