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Robert C. Fulford, D.O.
Alma materKansas City School of Osteopathy and Surgery[1]

Robert C. Fulford, D.O. (1905–1997) was a pioneer in the introduction of alternative and energetic medicine in the context of osteopathy. From the nineteen forties, he developed several methods to treat chronic illnesses.[1] Among the main methods he employed, was cranial manipulation - sometimes referred to as cranial osteopathy.[2][3] He was a student of William Garner Sutherland.[1]

Dr. Fulford has been acknowledged prominently by leading alternative medicine proponent Andrew Weil as a major influence on his professional and personal life.[4][5] Zachary Comeaux discusses Dr. Fulford's approach, philosophy and techniques in his 2002 book Robert Fulford, D.O. and the philosopher physician.[1] Gene Stone, whom Dr. Fulford asked to collaborate with him on his book Touch of Life, included Dr. Fulford's five-step exercise plan as the basis for the chapter on Stretching, in his book The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick[6]

Also an electric percussive device is referred to as the Fulford hammer or Fulford percussor, following his introduction of its use in Osteopathic treatment.[7]


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  • A short documentary by Andrew Weil describes Dr. Fulford's work and includes interviews as well as him working and using the percussor.