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Robert Consoli (August 21, 1964 - March 5, 2005) was an American actor and musician.

Robert Consoli and Kat Malone in 'Falling Words' in 1997.
Robert Consoli (right) performing with Norman Iceberg in 1992.

Robert Consoli (sometimes credited as Rob Consoli) was born and raised in Bradford, Massachusetts, in a family of Italian heritage. After graduating from Haverhill High School, he moved to California in the late-80’s to pursue live stage acting. Consoli’s acting ability and charisma earned him roles in several plays.

Rob studied with Estelle Harman and Ari Barak and has appeared in movies such as God's Army (2000) directed by Richard Dutcher, Girl Crazy (1997) directed by Richard Dutcher, and Falling Words (1997) directed by Jason Phillips. He has also performed with Canadian singer Norman Iceberg both as an actor and musician, adding a very warm and theatrical touch to the shows.

After being diagnosed with leukemia in 2004, Robert died on March 5, 2005, at his house in Silver Lake, California.

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