Robert Cuffley

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Robert Cuffley
R Cuffley on set..jpg
Born Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Occupation Director, Producer, Writer
Years active 1996-Present

Robert Cuffley is a Canadian film director and screenwriter. He began with music videos, directing over 40 in all, before moving into short films, and later, drama.


In 2001, Cuffley directed Turning Paige (2001), starring Nicholas Campbell and Katharine Isabelle.[1] Following this, he directed Walk All over Me (2007), starring Leelee Sobieski.[2] He directed Ferocious, a suspense film starring Amanda Crew, which screened at the Calgary International Film Festival in 2012.[3]

In 2013, Robert exec-produced Ally Was Screaming, a feature film shot in Calgary.[citation needed]

Upcoming projects include teen adventure, Rogues and Renegades, the comedy, Chokeslam! and the supernatural thriller, Darling. Cuffley is also in early development with author Susie Moloney (author of "The Dwelling" and "The 13") on 2nicegurlzxx.[citation needed]



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