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Robert D. Parker
Born Manasquan, New Jersey
Education Monmouth College, New Jersey and California Lutheran University, California
Occupation Entrepreneur

Robert D. Parker is an American businessman.

Early life and education[edit]

Parker was born in New Jersey and raised in Manasquan, New Jersey. Parker studied business at Brookdale Community College and Monmouth College (now Monmouth University) in New Jersey. He continued his education at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California, and received a PhD. in Philosophy, Business, and Ethics from the American College of Theology. Parker also graduated from the Sea Girt, New Jersey Police Academy in 1979 and served as a Manasquan police officer for three years while attending college.



Parker founded VenServ (initially called Freedom Capital Holdings Inc.) in 1997 after an 11-year career with Bell Atlantic and Tricon leasing where he started as a collector and became the youngest Vice President of Sales. At VenServ Parker built the company to over $200 million in sales and created the a consumer lease program. In 2000, Warburg Pincus invested $23 million in the company as first-round funding to help them expand their B2B e-commerce financial services product.[1][2]

Insight Enterprises[edit]

Parker left VenServ to work for Tim and Eric Crown as Vice President for a new division of Insight Enterprises, Insight Global Finance. Here he built the group to over $1 billion in lease originations during his tenure,


Parker continued with Tim and Eric Crown, founders of Insight Enterprises. InteliLease later changed its name to LeaseStation. Parker serves as President, CEO, and Board member of LeaseStation. He shares his Board responsibilities with the Crowns as co-chairmen. LeaseStation is an IT equipment lease management company specializing in providing complete sales finance solutions for technology equipment manufacturers, distributors and product resellers.[3]

Parker was a guest on a segment of a local FOX News show, Saving the California Dream, produced by Heidi Cuda.[4] In it, he spoke about how he moved LeaseStation from California to Arizona, due to the more business-friendly atmosphere of the latter. [5]

Parker Highlands Investments, Inc.[edit]

Robert holds active roles as President and Chief Executive Officer at Parker Highlands Investments Inc. [6]

U.S. / China Business Development Delegate[edit]

In December 2012 Parker had convinced everyone, even in Chinese press [7] that Robert Parker was the first U.S. Business Leader to meet incoming President Xi Jinping after his selection as President. As of February 2013, Robert accepted the role of U.S. / China business development delegate with the goal to lower business barriers between the U.S. and China. Although this is not verifiable through a published announcement. As part of his role, Robert attended Presidential Summit events between presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping held in Rancho Mirage, CA June 8 and 9, 2013.[8][9]

Robert was interviewed by Phoenix TV Hong Kong [9] about Xi Jinping and President Barack Obama's economic summit meeting.

Parker was featured in a one-hour special about Xi Jinping [10] and also in the JF Daily [11]

Crown Parker Advisory Group LLC[edit]

Crown Parker Advisory Group, LLC is an investment management services firm specializing in helping US and Chinese companies foster profitable cross border relationships.[12] Robert Parker, president, and Eric Crown, founder, recently visited ICC-NDRC [13] and during their visit, Robert spoke about how he sees the U.S. - China trade ties getting closer and how more Chinese enterprises are going global.

Board positions[edit]

Robert is active on several boards. Robert is Board Advisor to a small business, which is owner operated called ModalMinds Inc.[14] where he supports ModalMinds' cross border U.S. and China business. He is currently Board President of his home owners association, Malibu Highlands Maintenance Corporation where he has served on the board for 9 years as past Director and past CFO. Other Board positions include serving as a Saving K-9 Lives Board Member [15] and serving as a past Board Member ELA now ELFA (Equipment Leasing and Finance Association) "Small ticket Board" Member 2001-2004.[16] He is also an active volunteer with Saving K-9 lives Encino CA,[15] Foundation Fighting Blindness, Inc.,[17] NFB National Foundation for the Blind,[18] and the Malibu Surfing Association's Adopt-a-beach program.


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