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Robert Durning Holt (1832-1908). Oil on canvas by Percy Bigland, ca. 1891.

Robert Durning Holt (11 October 1832 in Liverpool – 10 December 1908) was an English cotton-broker and local politician.[1] He was Mayor of Liverpool and the first Lord Mayor of Liverpool (1892-1893).[2][3]

Holt was the youngest of five sons of George Holt and Emma Durning and worked first in his father's cotton-broking business. Among his brothers were George Holt, who co-founded the Lamport and Holt shipping line, Philip Holt, and Alfred Holt, founder of the Blue Funnel Line.[citation needed] All were Unitarians.[4]

Robert Durning Holt married Lawrencina Potter, daughter of railway magnate Richard Potter and Lawrencina Heyworth, and older sister of Beatrice Webb.[5][6] One of their sons was the national politician Sir Richard Durning Holt, 1st Baronet, while another was Lawrence Durning Holt, who also became a Lord Mayor of Liverpool.[7][8]


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