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Robert E. Horn is an American political scientist who taught at Harvard, Columbia, and Sheffield (U.K.) universities. Currently he is a visiting scholar at Stanford University's Center for the Study of Language and Information. He is known for the development of information mapping.


Bob Horn is perhaps best known for his development of information mapping, a method of information development called structured writing suited especially for technical communication. The information mapping method has been taught to over 300,000 technical writers around the world.[1]

His special interests are in policy communication, social learning, and knowledge management.[1] His latest contribution to the presentation of information is called "Visual Language". Horn has extended the use of visual language and visual analytics to processes for resolving wicked problems.


Books, a selection:

  • 1970. Guide to simulation games for education and training. With David W. Zuckerman.
  • 1972. Guide to Federal assistance for education.
  • 1989. Mapping hypertext : the analysis, organization, and display of knowledge for the next generation of on-line text and graphics.
  • 1998. Visual language : global communication for the 21st century.

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