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The Robert E. Lee tree, eleventh largest tree in the world

The Robert E. Lee tree is the second largest giant sequoia in the Grant Grove section of Kings Canyon National Park, and the eleventh largest giant sequoia in the world. Richard Field, a Confederate lieutenant, named this tree around 1875. Wendell Flint and Mike Law measured the tree in 1985 and found its volume to be 40,102 cubic feet (1,135.6 m3).


Metres Feet
Height above base 77.7 254.7[1]
Circumference at ground 27.0 88.3[1]
Diameter 1.5 m above base 7.3 23.8
Estimated bole volume (m³.ft³) 1,135.0 40,102.0[1]

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Coordinates: 36°44′53″N 118°58′16″W / 36.7480°N 118.9711°W / 36.7480; -118.9711