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Robert Eustace was the pen name of Eustace Robert Barton (1854–1943), an English doctor and author of mystery and crime fiction with a theme of scientific innovation. He also wrote as Eustace Robert Rawlings. Eustace often collaborated with other writers, producing a number of works with the author L. T. Meade and others. He is credited as co-author with Dorothy L. Sayers of the novel The Documents in the Case, for which he supplied the main plot idea and supporting medical and scientific details.[1]


  • A Master of Mysteries (1898) with L.T. Meade
  • The Secret of Emu Plain (1898) with L.T. Meade (Short Story, sequel to Master of Mysteries)
  • The Gold Star Line (1899)
  • The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings (1899) with L.T. Meade (Novel)
  • Miss Florence Cusack stories: The Arrest of Captain Vandeleur (1899) & The Outside Ledge (1900) with L.T. Meade (Short Stories)
  • The Sanctuary Club (1900)
  • Followed (1900) with L.T. Meade (Short Story)
  • The Man Who Disappeared (1901) with L.T. Meade (Short Story)
  • The Last Square (1902) with L.T. Meade (Short Story)
  • The Oracle of Maddox Street: The Dead Hand (1902) & Fingertips (1902) with L.T. Meade (Short Stories)
  • The Stolen Pearl (1903) with Gertrude Warden
  • The Sorceress of the Strand (Madame Sara) (1903) with L.T. Meade (three Short Stories: Madame Sara, Blood Red Cross, The Face of the Abott)
  • A Human Bacillus (1907)
  • The Tea-Leaf (1925) with Edgar Jepson
  • The Documents in the Case (1930) with Dorothy L. Sayers


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