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Robert Ferrell Smith (born 1970) is a Latter-day Saint humor writer. He is also alleged to be the author who uses the pseudonym Obert Skye[1] however this connection seems only loosely documented.

Smith and his wife Krista are the parents of five children. They live in Idaho Falls, Idaho.



  • Baptists at Our Barbecue (1996)
  • The Miracle of Forgetness (1997)
  • All is Swell: Trust in Thelma's Way (1999)
  • Falling for Grace: Trust at the End of the World (1999)
  • Love's Labors Tossed: Trust and the Final Fling (2000)
  • Captain Matrimony (2001)
  • For Time and All Absurdity (2002)
  • Never Can Say Goodbye (2003)