Robert Ferrers, 2nd Baron Ferrers of Wem

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Robert Ferrers, 2nd Baron Ferrers of Wem (c. 1373 – bef. 29 November 1396). He was born in Willisham, Suffolk.

Robert was the son of Sir Robert Ferrers, 1st Baron Ferrers of Wem (created by Writ of Summons dated December 28, 1375[1]), and Elizabeth Boteler, 4th Baroness Boteler of Wem, who died in June 1411, and paternal grandson of Robert de Ferrers, 2nd Baron Ferrers of Chartley and Agnes or Aeneas de Bohun. Upon the death of his father in December 1380, he became Baron Boteler of Wem jure matris (he predeceased his mother, so never actually became the 5th baron; after his death, his mother's 3rd husband assumed this title as 4th Baron Boteler of Wem jure uxoris[2]) as well as 2nd Baron Ferrers of Wem. He had no son but two daughters. Female siblings being co-heiresses in England, both baronies are still abeyant between the descendants of these two sisters.[2]


Robert Ferrers married Joan Beaufort in 1391 at Beaufort-en-Vallée, Anjou. They had two daughters:



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