Robert FitzRalph

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Robert FitzRalph
Bishop of Worcester
Church Catholic
Elected 1 July 1190
Term ended 1193
Predecessor William of Northall
Successor Henry de Sully
Consecration 5 May 1191
Personal details
Died 1193
Previous post Archdeacon of Nottingham

Robert FitzRalph (sometimes known as Robert son of William FitzRalph) was a medieval Bishop of Worcester.


FitzRalph was the son of William FitzRalph, who was a landowner in Derbyshire and was High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and the Royal Forests 1170–1180 and was seneschal of Normandy 1178–1200. Robert held a prebend in the diocese of York before he was Archdeacon of Nottingham in 1185. He also held a prebend in the diocese of Lincoln.[1]

FitzRalph was elected to the see of Worcester on 1 July 1190[2] and consecrated on 5 May 1191. He died in 1193, probably on 27 June[3] but possibly on 14 July.[2]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
William of Northall
Bishop of Worcester
Succeeded by
Henry de Sully