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For the professor of religion, see Robert K.C. Forman.

Robert Forman (died 1530) was a late medieval Scottish churchman. He was the son of one Janet Blackadder and her husband, a Berwickshire landowner named Nicholas Forman of Hatton.[1] Sometime before 11 February 1500, he was made Precentor of Glasgow.[2] He was Dean of Glasgow from 1505, a position he would hold until his death.[3] Between 1506 and 1511 he was also in possession of the Chancellorship of the diocese of Moray.[4]

After the death of William Elphinstone (d. 24 October 1514), the bishopric of Aberdeen became vacant. At Rome Pope Leo X provided Forman to the vacant see. However, the canons of Aberdeen prepared to elect a successor. According to John Spottiswoode, Alexander Gordon, 3rd Earl of Huntly, pressured the canons to elect his own cousin, also Alexander Gordon, a man who was at that time the Precentor of Moray.[5] Forman was persuaded by his brother Andrew Forman, Archbishop of St Andrews, to yield his claim to Gordon upon the promise of the next vacancy.[6]

He never, however, obtained any other bishopric. He died as Dean of Glasgow on 19 November 1530.


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Religious titles
Preceded by
Richaed Muirhead
Dean of Glasgow
x 1505–1530
Succeeded by
William Stewart
Preceded by
William Elphinstone
Bishop of Aberdeen
x 1515–1515 x 1516
Succeeded by
Alexander Gordon