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Robert George Dean (died 1989) was an American author of detective fiction. He also worked as a journalist, and as an ambulance driver during World War II.

Robert George Dean
Died 1989
Occupation Author
Nationality United States
Period 1938 - 1954
Genre Detective fiction

The last few books Dean wrote, under the pseudonym George Griswold, are spy novels that still have a certain fan following. A character known as Mr. Groode, a shadowy British spymaster, figures in all four novels, but his prominence in the plot varies widely from book to book.


Tony Hunter series

  • Murder Makes a Merry Widow (1938)
  • A Murder of Convenience (1938)
  • Murder Through the Looking Glass (1940)
  • A Murder by Marriage (1940)
  • Murder in Mink (1941)
  • Layoff (1942)
  • On Ice (1942)
  • The Body Was Quite Cold (Dutton, 1951)
  • The Case of Joshua Locke (Dutton, 1951)
  • Affair at Lover's Leap (aka Death at Lover's Leap) (Doubleday’s Crime Club, 1953)


  • Murder Most Opportune
  • Murder on Margin
  • Three Lights Went Out
  • What Gentleman Strangles a Lady
  • The Sutton Place Murders

He also wrote four books under the pseudonym George Griswold:

  • A Checkmate for the Colonel (1952)
  • A Gambit for Mr. Groode (1953)
  • Red Pawns (1954)
  • The Pinned Man (1954)