Robert Gilchrist (mayor)

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Robert Gilchrist
Robert Gilchrist.png
8th Mayor of Jersey City
In office
April 19, 1850 – May 2, 1852
Preceded by Henry C. Taylor
Succeeded by David S. Manners
Personal details
Born c. 1790
Died July 11, 1866
Jersey City, New Jersey
Spouse(s) Frances Vashér
Children Robert Jr. & Mary
Residence Jersey City, New Jersey

Robert Gilchrist was the eighth mayor of Jersey City in New Jersey.

Born around 1790, Gilchrist became the president of the Jersey Board of Selectmen from 1835 to 1836.[1] He succeeded Henry C. Taylor as mayor. He served two years from April 19, 1850 to May 2, 1852.[1] He was succeeded by David S. Manners. Gilchrist was the Clerk of Hudson County from 1840 to 1865.[2]

His son Robert Jr. became the Attorney General of New Jersey and served from 1870 to 1875.

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