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Robert Haft, is a successful entrepreneur, primarily in health care, and became a household name in the Washington, DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Houston, and Los Angeles markets for his Crown Books television commercial tagline, "Books cost too much."

After graduating from Harvard with his MBA and Masters in Design, Robert was President of Dart Group, founded national discount book chain Crown Books in 1977, which was based on ideas contained in his Masters thesis, and discount automotive chain Trak Auto in 1981, as well as founded Cabot Morgan real estate company, Dart Financial, and purchased a controlling interest in Shoppers Food Warehouse.

Crown Books enjoyed booming success in the early 1980s and 1990s, and Robert expanded the chain rapidly, and envisioned expanding the name to other lines, including Crown Software and Crown Music, some of which never saw actualization.

In the heat of a bitter divorce, Robert's father, Herbert Haft, then Chairman of the Dart Group, which owned a controlling share of Crown Books and Trak Auto, fired the Board of Directors of Dart Group, Crown Books and Trak Auto and Robert as the book chain and automotive chains president. Robert counter-sued and won all claims. After Robert left both previously successful chains fell into Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

With a portion of the money from the sale of his interest in Dart Group, and proceeds from a 1994 wrongful-termination lawsuit, Robert purchased Phar-Mor discount drug chain in 1995, founded and grew which had Internet, retail, and catalog operations, and has led National Diabetic Pharmacies and other health care businesses.

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