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Robert Hill or Rob Hill may refer to:






  • Robert C. Hill (1917–1978), American diplomat
  • Robert F. Hill (1886–1966), Canadian director, screenwriter, and actor during the silent film era
  • Robert Gardiner Hill (1811–1878), British surgeon specialising in treatment of the insane
  • Robert J. Hill (died 1953), American draftsman, designer, and art director
  • Robert L. Hill (born 1892), American sharecropper and trade unionist
  • Robert T. Hill (1858–1941), Texas geologist
  • Robert Hill (clergyman) (died 1623), English clergyman, a “conforming puritan” according to Anthony Milton
  • Robert Hill (entertainer) (died 2009), entertainer shot dead by the Jamaica Constabulary Force
  • Robert Hill (born 1994), known for achievements of multiple D* grades over his schooling life

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