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Robert Holden
Robert Holden 4 high res.jpg
Born1965 (age 53–54)
OccupationAuthor, broadcaster, Coach, public speaker
GenrePsychology, Spirituality
SubjectHappiness, Success, Love

Robert Holden (born 1965) is a British psychologist, author, and broadcaster, who works in the field of positive psychology and well-being, and is considered "Britain's foremost expert on happiness".[1][2] He is the founder of the "Happiness Project", which runs an eight-week course annually, called "Happiness Now",[1][3] and the author of 10 best-selling books such as, Happiness NOW!, Be Happy, Success Intelligence and Shift Happens!.[4][5] He runs the National Health Service (NHS) Stress Buster clinic, established first NHS "laughter clinic",[6][7] and runs regular happiness workshops and seminars, with clients including employees of the NHS, the BBC and British Telecom.[1][8]

Holden is a personal and professional coach, and the Director of The Happiness Project and Success Intelligence, through which he gives public lectures worldwide and holds public and corporate workshops and seminars for companies such as Dove, Virgin, The Body Shop and Unilever.[9]

The Happiness Project, founded in England, featured in on two BBC TV documentaries:The Happiness Formula and How to be Happy (Q.E.D.).[1][4] Holden does a weekly talk radio show on Hay House Radio,[10] and appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in April 2007.[2][4]


Robert Holden was born in Nairobi, Kenya.[11] Robert Holden founded his NHS Stress Buster clinic, (laughter clinic) in 1989 in Birmingham, England. In 1994, he founded "The Happiness Project". In 2000, he founded Success Intelligence Ltd. He, Robert, is the author of ten books, published in 14 languages,[12] including Be Happy: Release The Power of Happiness in YOU, Happiness NOW!, Laughter The Best Medicine, Shift Happens!: Powerful Ways to Transform Your Life, Stress Busters, and Success Intelligence, and has also appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show.[13]


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