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Robert Jerzy Szmidt (born 26 July 1962 in Wrocław, Poland) is a Polish science fiction and fantasy writer, translator and journalist.


Szmidt trained as a sailor, however, he never worked as one. In the late 80s and early 90s, he was a sales representative for Amber Publishing House, and worked in the video and bookselling business. He was also the owner of one of the first legal video rentals in Poland.[citation needed] In late 80s he founded two magazines: Video Business and Video Premiery. Afterwards he moved into video games publishing (editor of PlayStation Plus[1] and Player Station Plus magazines) and as a translator.[citation needed]

Robert Szmidt joined the Polish Science Fiction fandom in the early 80s and soon became a co-founder of the Sphinx Award, which later was renamed the Zajdel Award.[2]

In 1985 he was awarded the Śląkfa Prize as The Fan Of The Year.[2] In 2015 he received the award Wrocławianin Roku, and in 2017 and 2018 a Silver and Gold, respectively, Odznaka Honorowa Zasłużony dla Województwa Dolnośląskiego.[3]

He founded the Science Fiction magazine (2000) and Nautilus Award (2004).[2][4]

He was a publisher and editor in chief of the Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror monthly magazine.[2]

Szmidt has lived in Katowice, Poland, since 1986.



  • Toy Land, "Science Fiction" No. 11 / 2002, Fabryka Słów, Lublin 2008
  • Revelation by Mr. John (Apokalipsa według Pana Jana), D.W. Ares, Katowice 2003; Fabryka Słów, Lublin 2008
  • Whisperer (Zaklinacz), D.W. Ares, Katowice 2003
  • Unicorn Chronicles: Hunting (Kroniki Jednorożca: Polowanie), Fabryka Słów, Lublin 2007
  • Szczury Wrocławia: Chaos (Wrocław Rats: Chaos)

Metro 2033 series[edit]

Schmidt wrote two books which were included in the official Universe of Metro 2033

  • Otchłań (The Abyss), Insignis, Kraków 2015
  • Wieża (The Tower), Insignis, Kraków 2016

Books translated[edit]

  • Campbell, Jack; Lost fleet: Fearless, Fabryka Słów, Lublin 2008
  • Campbell, Jack; Lost fleet: Fearless, Fabryka Słów, Lublin 2008
  • Church, James; Death in the Koryo, Książnica, Katowice 2008
  • Gibson, William; Spook Country, Książnica, Katowice 2008
  • Portis, Charles; True Grit, Sonia Draga, Katowice 2011


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