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Bennett at the 2017 Texas Book Festival

Robert Jackson Bennett (born 1984) is an American writer of speculative fiction.[1]


Bennett was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.[2] He graduated from the University of Texas with special honors in English in 2005,[3] and settled down in Austin, Texas.[4]

His debut as an author was the novel Mr. Shivers (2010). He went on to write The Company Man (2011), The Troupe (2012), and American Elsewhere (2013).[5]

Bennett's fifth novel, City of Stairs (2014), was the first of a fantasy trilogy, The Divine Cities, followed by City of Blades (2016) and City of Miracles (2017). The Divine Cities was nominated for Best Series by the Hugo Awards in 2018, but lost to World of the Five Gods by Lois McMaster Bujold.[6]

In August 2018, Bennett published Foundryside, the first installment of his new series, The Founders Trilogy.[7]


The Divine Cities trilogy
  1. City of Stairs (2014; Broadway Books)
  2. City of Blades (2016)
  3. City of Miracles (2017)
The Founders trilogy
  1. Foundryside (2018)
  2. Shorefall (2020)
  3. Locklands (2022)[8]


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