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Robert Kolker is a projects and investigations reporter for Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Businesweek,[1] a former contributing editor at New York Magazine, and the author of Lost Girls,[2] a New York Times best-seller[3] that was named one of Publisher's Weekly's Top Ten Books of 2013.


Bloomberg and New York Magazine[edit]

Kolker's longform journalism for Bloomberg and at New York often focuses on everyday people caught up in extraordinary events. His 2006 investigation into sexual abuse in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community[4] helped bring an abuser to justice and was nominated for a National Magazine Award. His exploration of an eighteen-year murder-exoneration case and the police tactics that can lead to false confessions[5] received the Harry Frank Guggenheim 2011 Excellence in Criminal Justice Reporting Award.

Lost Girls[edit]

Kolker's 2013 book Lost Girls recounts the lives of five sex workers murdered by the Long Island Serial Killer, and recounts the story of the hunt for the as-yet-unidentified killer. It also explores the implications of the emergence of on-line personal ads as a major vehicle for sex work. The book received wide critical acclaim.[6][7][8][9][10][11]


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