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Robert Kovacik
Born Cleveland, Ohio
Nationality American
Occupation Television news anchor and reporter
Home town Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Website NBC Los Angeles biography, @ROBERTNBCLA

Robert Kovacik is an award-winning American television journalist based in Los Angeles, California. Kovacik joined NBC4 in 2004 and became co-anchor for NBC4's weekend newscasts at 6:00 PM and 11:00 PM. He is most known for "bringing viewers in-depth coverage of international events from a local perspective." Kovacik can now be seen on weekday evening newscasts at 5:00 PM, 6:00 PM and 11:00 PM.[1]

Although an anchor and general assignment reporter for NBC Los Angeles, Kovacik is frequently viewed by television audiences on NBC affiliates throughout the nation and on MSNBC.[1] Kovacik is also serving his third consecutive term as President of the Los Angeles Press Club, elected by his industry peers.[2]

Recent Awards[edit]

Between to 2013 and 2016, Kovacik received two Emmy Awards, two Golden Mic Awards 2016 and an Emmy nomination for reporting on both 'hard' and 'light' news topics, including stories of relevance to political, governmental, business and consumer issues.

Recent Emmy Award Wins[edit]

  • Live coverage reporting of an unscheduled event: "San Bernadino Shooting"
  • Culture/History Category: "50 Watts"

Recent Emmy Nominations[edit]

  • Outstanding Hard News Reporting
  • Serious News Story (Single Report): "Hollywood Transgender Beating: Who is the Victim?"
  • Light News Story (Multi-Report): "Fergus"
  • Education: "Life Connected: Animal Tales”

2013 Journalist of the Year (Southern California Journalism Awards)[edit]

In 2013, he was selected as Journalist of the Year at the 55th Southern California Journalism Awards. The judges'stated: "Robert Kovacik has not only won the trust and respect of his audience, he's won their hearts with solid reporting and integrity.[3]


Kovacik holds an honors undergraduate Bachelor of Arts from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Kovacik also has an honors Master's degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. After graduating from Columbia, he spent over 5 years in New York City before moving to California.[4]

Early career[edit]

Kovacik began his career at 23 years of age when he became the youngest anchor in New York City for NIGHTWORLD at Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) primary member station, WNET. In 1994, he relocated to Los Angeles to become an anchor and reporter for KCOP-TV.


Kovacik left KCOP in 2001,[5] and was named the West Coast correspondent, anchor, and bureau chief for the newly formed National Geographic Channel[6] and its nightly news show, National Geographic Today.[4]

Kovacik joined KNBC-TV in 2004, and in 2006 he made world headlines when a murder suspect chose to surrender to him live on-air.[7]>, earning him numerous accolades including a Golden Mike and Edward R. Murrow Award.[4] In 2007 he was again in the news when he was on location and struck by a police squad car carrying Paris Hilton.[8][9][10][11] In 2008 he again made international headlines after an angry confrontation between then Los Angeles Police Department Police Chief William Bratton and LA City Councilman Dennis Zine while Kovacik was reporting for Today in LA.[4][12]

Robert Kovacik [4] was NBC4’s correspondent for the 2013 Papal Conclave in Rome and the year before was assigned to the Summer Olympics in London; he was later honored by the British Consul-General of Los Angeles for his reporting of the Games. Kovacik also earned Emmy Awards for both international assignments, in Great Britain and Italy.[4]

Awards and honors[edit]

  • 2016 Golden Mike Award, Best Political and Government Reporting, "LAPD and the Mafia Hitman: From Killer to Keynote Speaker"[13]
  • 2016 Golden Mike Award, Best Business and Consumer Reporting, "Stolen Gas"[14]
  • 2015 Emmy Award nomination, Outstanding Hard News Reporting[15]
  • 2015 Golden Mike Award, Best Light Feature Reporting, "Night Crawlers"[4]
  • 2014 Emmy Award, Light News Story-Multi-Part Report, "The Papal Conclave: SoCal at the Vatican"[16]
  • 2014 nomination for Emmy Award, "Outstanding News Feature Reporting"[17]
  • 2013 Emmy Award, Sports Series, "The Summer Olympics: SoCal Shines at the Summer Games"[18]
  • 2013 nomination for Emmy Award, Serious News Story, "LAFD Response Times"[16]
  • 2013 nomination for Emmy Awards, Light News Story, "Cash for your Crib"[16]
  • 2013 LA Press Club, "Television Journalist of the Year", Robert Kovacik[19]
  • 2013 LA Press Club, "Investigative Television Reporting", "LAFD Response Times: How Long Will You Wait."[20]
  • 2012 nomination for Emmy Award, "Outstanding Hard News Reporting"
  • 2011 Emmy Award, "Crime/Social Issues"
  • 2011 nomination for Emmy Award, "Outstanding Light News Story: Hef Saves the Hollywood Sign"
  • 2011 APTRA, "Best Documentary"[21]
  • 2010, Golden Mike Award for 'Best Documentary', "LA Heroes: Untold Stories of Haiti"[4]
  • 2009, nomination for Emmy Award "Outstanding Feature Reporter"
  • 2009, 2nd Place, LA Press Club National Entertainment Journalism Award[19]
  • 2009, APTRA 'Chris Harris Reporter of the Year' award[21]
  • 2008, Golden Mike Award, "Paparazzi Task Force" [4]
  • 2008, nomination for Emmy Award, 'Light News Story - Single Report'[22][23]
  • 2007, nomination for Emmy Award for 'Murder Suspect Surrenders'[24]
  • 2007, Edward R. Murrow Award "Best Spot News Coverage"
  • 2006, Golden Mike Award "Best Spot News Coverage'
  • 2006, Genesis Award, "Elephant Exhibit at the LA Zoo"
  • 2000, Emmy Award for "Serious News Report"
  • 1999, nomination for Emmy Award for 'Informational/Public Affairs Series'[25]
  • 1999, nomination for Emmy Award for 'Serious News Story - Single Report'[25]
  • 1998, nomination for Emmy Award for 'Live Sports Coverage'[25]
  • 1998, Emmy Award, 'Host, Outstanding Special Programming'
  • 1998, Greater Los Angeles Press Club Award for 'Best Serious Feature Reporting'
  • 1997, nomination for Emmy Award for 'Serious News Story'[26]
  • 1997, California/Nevada Associated Press Award for 'Continuing Investigation'
  • 1997, Multi-Part Genesis Award for 'Best Series Serious News Story'[4]
  • 1995, First Place in 'Best of the West' Competition for 'Outstanding Local Television News Series, Growth and Urban Development Reporting"[27]


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