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John Robert Krampf (born September 5, 1956 in Memphis, Tennessee), also known as "The Happy Scientist", is a science educator known for traveling the United States with his entertaining and informative science shows for the last 25 years. A lifelong fascination with science, combined with a desire to teach has led Krampf on adventures ranging from excavating dinosaur bones in Wyoming to watching whales off the coast of Mexico.

Early years[edit]

While studying geology at the University of Tennessee at Martin, Krampf worked part time as a collections geologist and instructor at the Memphis Pink Palace Museum. This later developed into a full time position, first as a laboratory and field instructor and later as Science Services Coordinator for the Education Department. During his thirteen years at the Memphis Museum, he wrote and taught classes in geology, biology, chemistry, archaeology and physics. It was during this time that he became interested in electricity.


Studied geology at the University of Tennessee at Martin. But unable to determine if he earned a post secondary degree.

Road show[edit]

In 1987, Krampf decided it was time for a change. He put together a traveling, high voltage electricity show, centered on a one million volt Tesla coil. Determined to show students and adults that science can be both fun and understandable, he began his traveling show. Krampf offers presentations on electricity, lightning, and fire, as well as program development, staff training, and educational consulting in all areas of science education. Krampf has specially designed his own special Tesla coil, designed in a fashion not barring air travel. This makes it easy for him to visit distant places to show his performances.


While Robert still presents live performances, most of his current focus is on producing science videos, though he also does a series of science questions in the form of photos and later he answers the question presented. He also makes written experiments and instructions for people to do. In the past he made a group of science videos called The Experiment of the Week. He has also made, the Basic Concepts in Science series, and the Cabinet of Curiosities.

Krampf's work led to appearances on Late Night with David Letterman, The Discovery Channel's Know Zone, CBS This Morning, Fantastic Facts (in London) and CNN. His "Experiment of the Week" e-mail reached over 180,000 households in more than 95 countries with Krampf's sign-off "Have a wonder-filled week!".

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