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Robert Kurz on an ATTAC-congress in March 2009

Robert Kurz (24 December 1943 – 18 July 2012) was a German Marxist philosopher, social critic, journalist and editor of the journal Exit! He was one of Germany's most prominent theorists of value criticism.[1] His works have yet to be translated into, and published in, English.[2][3]

Life and work[edit]

Robert Kurz was born on 24 December 1943 in Nuremberg to a German working-class family. Kurz studied philosophy, history and paedagogy at the university of Erlangen without taking a degree. He was a member of the Kommunistischer Arbeiterbund Deutschland, KABD (Communist Workers League of Germany; later, named the Marxist–Leninist Party of Germany) during the 1970s, but then quit because of his critique of the leadership.[4]

Kurz was a co-founder of the magazine Marxistische Kritik (Marxist Critique) in 1986.

He died in Nuremberg from the consequences of an operational failure.



  • The Collapse of Modernization: From the collapse of barracks socialism crisis of the world economy (1991) ISBN 3-8218-4421-3
  • Honecker's Revenge: On the political economy of the reunified Germany (1991) ISBN 3-923118-62-7
  • Potemkin's Return: Dummy capitalism and distribution war in Germany (1993) ISBN 3-923118-28-7
  • The Last One Turns Off the Light: On the crisis of democracy and market economy (1993) ISBN 3-923118-88-0
  • The World as Will and Design: Postmodernism, lifestyle Left and the aestheticization of the crisis (1999) ISBN 3-89320-024-X
  • The Black Book of Capitalism: A Farewell to the Market Economy (1999) ISBN 3-8218-0491-2
  • Marx Read: The most important texts of Karl Marx for the 21st Century (2000) ISBN 3-8218-1644-9
  • World Order War: The End of Sovereignty and the changes of imperialism in the era of globalization (2003) ISBN 3-89502-149-0
  • The Anti-German Ideology (2003) ISBN 3-89771-426-4
  • Bloody Reason: Essays for emancipatory critique of capitalist modernity and its Western values (2004) ISBN 3-89502-182-2
  • The World Capital: Globalization and internal barriers of modern commodity-producing system (2005) ISBN 3-89320-085-1
  • Money Without Value: Plans to transform the critique of political economy (2012) ISBN 978-3-89502-343-9

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