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Robert Lee Allen (born May 29, 1942) is an American activist, writer, and Adjunct Professor of African-American Studies and Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.[1] Allen received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California, San Francisco, and previously taught at San José State University and Mills College. He was Senior Editor (with Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Robert Chrisman) of The Black Scholar: Journal of Black Studies and Research,[2] published quarterly or more frequently in Oakland, California, by the Black World Foundation since 1969.

Allen married Pam Allen in 1965.[3]

In the 1980s he co-founded with Alice Walker the publishing company called Wild Trees Press,[4] publishing the work of Third World writers.[5]


  • Black Awakening in Capitalist America: An Analytic History (1969)
  • A Guide to Black Power in America: An Historical Analysis (1970)
  • Reluctant Reformers: The Impact of Racism on Social Movement in the U.S. (1983)[6]
  • Brotherman: The Odyssey of Black Men in America (co-edited with Herb Boyd,[7] reprinted 1996)
  • Strong in the Struggle: My Life as a Black Labor Activist (with ILWU militant Lee Brown, 2001)
  • Honoring Sergeant Carter: A Family's Journey to Uncover the Truth About an American Hero[8] (with Allene G. Carter, 2004)
  • The Port Chicago Mutiny: The Story of the Largest Mass Mutiny Trial in U.S. Naval History[9][10] (Heyday Books, 1989, republished 2006).


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