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Robert Lachmann

Robert Lachmann (28 November 1892 in Berlin – 8 May 1939 in Jerusalem) a German ethnomusicologist, linguist (German English, French), musicologist, orientalist and library official. Expert in the music of the Orient, a member of the Berlin School of Comparative Musicology and one of its founding fathers.

Robert Lachmann arrived to Palestine in April 1935, after he had been dismissed from his position at the Berlin National Library, following the Nazis' rise to power. He came to Jerusalem at the invitation of Judah L. Magnes, chancellor and later president (1935–1948) of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem to establish a center of Oriental music and the "Archive for Oriental Music".

He participated in the 1932 Cairo Congress of Arab Music.

Literary works[edit]

  • Die Musik in den tunisischen Staedten, 1922
  • the only editor of the "Zeitschrift für vergleichende Musikwissenschaft"( The Journal of Comparative Musicology), 1933-35 (Gesellschaft zur Erforschung des Musik des Orients - The Society for the Study of Oriental Music, from 1930-)
  • Musik des Orients, 1929


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