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Box set of the first four books in the series with their British covers

The Robert Langdon book series is named after Robert Langdon, the protagonist of the novels by American author Dan Brown. Langdon is portrayed as a Harvard University professor of religious iconology and symbology, a fictional field related to the study of historic symbols, which is not methodologically connected to the actual discipline of semiotics. Brown's novels that feature the lead character also include historical themes and Christianity as motifs, and as a result have generated controversy. Brown states on his website that his books are not anti-Christian, and that he is on a "constant spiritual journey" himself.[citation needed]

Books of the series[edit]

No.TitlePublication dateISBN
1Angels & DemonsMay 1, 2000ISBN 9780593055045
When physicist Leonardo Vetra is murdered and branded with the word Illuminati, his boss, CERN director Maximilian Kohler, asks Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon for help. Meeting Vetra's daughter, Vittoria, Langdon learns that the Illuminati, an ancient anti-religious sect, plan to destroy Vatican City with an antimatter canister invented by Vetra refashioned as a weapon. Arriving during the election of the new Pope, the two follow a secret trail to find the group's lair and stop them.
2The Da Vinci CodeMarch 18, 2003ISBN 9780307474278
When the curator of the Louvre, Jacques Saunière, is murdered, circumstantial evidence leaves Robert Langdon as the prime suspect. Joined by Saunière's granddaughter, Sophie Neveu, he seeks to prove his innocence by following a trail left by the secret organization Saunière was part of and discovers a shocking secret dating back to the time of Christ.
3The Lost SymbolSeptember 15, 2009ISBN 9780385504225
Robert Langdon arrives in Washington DC at the behest of his mentor, Freemason Peter Solomon, only to find that he's been kidnapped. Joined by his old flame and Solomon's sister, Katherine, Langdon follows a trail of clues that leads him deep into the secrets of the Masons, whose members include Solomon's tattooed kidnapper.
4InfernoMay 14, 2013ISBN 9780385537858
Robert Langdon wakes up in a hospital bed suffering from amnesia, thanks to a bullet to the head. A woman tries to kill him and he is saved by a doctor, Sienna Brooks, who warns him that the US government now wants him dead. Robert finds links to Dante's Divine Comedy in messages projected by a canister in his jacket pocket and uses his knowledge of symbology to follow a trail leading him to a serious threat posed by a recently deceased madman obsessed with overpopulation.
5OriginOctober 3, 2017ISBN 9780593078754
Robert Langdon is invited to the Guggenheim museum in Spain to attend an event held by famous futurist and former student Edmond Kirsch, who has made a discovery he claims will change the way people view religion forever. When Kirsch is murdered before his announcement, Langdon attempts to uncover and release his secret before it's lost forever, leading him into conflict with those who would prevent the release, including members of Spain's Royal family.


The series has sold over 120 million copies.[1][2]

Film adaptations[edit]

The novels were a success around the world and became bestsellers, and soon adapted into films in which Ron Howard directed and produced 3 of 5 novels: The Da Vinci Code (2006), Angels & Demons (2009), and Inferno (2016), with Tom Hanks portraying the lead character, Professor Robert Langdon. All three were released by Columbia Pictures.

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