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Robert Locke is an American conservative columnist. Locke has attended both Columbia University and University of Chicago.[1] He is critical of liberals, libertarians,[2] and some "compassionate conservatives", including George W. Bush.[citation needed] He is an admirer of neoconservative scholar Leo Strauss,[3] architect Robert A.M. Stern, and photorealist painter Richard Estes. He was a columnist in FrontPage Magazine until February 2003.

He currently resides in New York City, New York.


In the January 21, 2003, issue of Manhattan weekly NY Press, FrontPage Magazine editor David Horowitz publicly disassociated himself from Locke, stating that certain published e-mails written by Locke as a representative of his publication held views that "do not reflect mine in any way, shape or fashion."[4]

Locke wrote two articles for The American Conservative, a paleoconservative magazine for which Scott McConnell is one of the three editors. McConnell dismissed Locke[5] after reading that Locke wrote an article for VDARE suggesting the involuntary transfer of Palestinians from all of Israel as a solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.


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