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Robert Makłowicz
Robert Makłowicz

Robert Makłowicz (born August 12, 1963 in Kraków, Poland) is a Polish journalist and historian, notable as a promoter of the Polish cuisine, slow food, and is a television personality.[1]


He has Armenian, Austrian, Hungarian and Ukrainian descent.[2]

He became fascinated with European cuisine during his studies at the historical faculty of the Jagiellonian University. After the end of communism in Poland, in 1993 as a joke he had shown one of his friends a recipe for wiener schnitzel he prepared himself. He was instantly offered the job of a culinary critic of the Kraków variation of the Gazeta Wyborcza daily. Soon afterwards his essays and descriptions of various restaurants in Kraków became so popular that he was moved to the all-national weekly magazine published by Gazeta Wyborcza. He also started cooperation with various other newspapers, including Przekrój, Wprost (2002–2005) and Newsweek Polska (since 2005).

In 1996 he was also offered a short programme in the morning block of the public TV. Although far from prime time, the programme gained much popularity and, since August 1998, Makłowicz has been preparing a weekly show named Robert Makłowicz's Culinary Travels. Each show is prepared in a different region of the world and presents the local cuisine as prepared by Makłowicz himself or by local people, not necessarily professional chefs.

Robert Makłowicz is Armenian Catholic.


Makłowicz also published a number of books on culinary traditions of his homeland, Galicia. The first of the series, the C.K. Kuchnia (K.u.K. Cuisine) became a nationwide best-seller. Other Robert Makłowicz's books:

  • Zjeść Kraków (Eating Cracow, 2001) with Stanisław Mancewicz
  • Dialogi języka z podniebieniem(Dialogues of a tongue with a palate, 2003) with Piotr Bikont
  • Czy wierzyć platynowym blondynkom? (Do you believe platinum blondes?, 2004)


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