Robert Morris (Bartlett)

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Robert Morris
Statue of Robert Morris (by Paul Wayland Bartlett) Independence National Historical Park.jpg
Artist Paul Wayland Bartlett
Year 1923
Type Bronze
Dimensions 300 cm × 120 cm × 120 cm (120 in × 48 in × 48 in)
Location Philadelphia
Coordinates 39°56′52″N 75°08′55″W / 39.9477°N 75.1486°W / 39.9477; -75.1486
Owner National Park Service

Robert Morris is a bronze statue by Paul Wayland Bartlett commemorating American Revolution financier and statesman Robert Morris. It is located at Independence Hall, on 4th Street and Walnut Street, Philadelphia.

It was dedicated on June 18, 1926, at the Second Bank of the United States on Chestnut Street, but was relocated in 1961.

The inscription reads:

(Sculpture, lower proper right edge:)
Paul W. Bartlett Sc.
(Sculpture, rear right side:)
J. Arthur Limerick Co.
Founders . Balto.
(Base, front:)



1734 - 1806

signed Founder's mark appears.[1]


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