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Robert N. Skir (born 3 January 1961) is a writer best known for his work in television animation on shows including X-Men, Gargoyles, Batman: The Animated Series, and Spider-Man. He co-created and served as Story Editor on programs including Transformers: Beast Machines, Extreme Ghostbusters, Godzilla: The Series, and DinoSquad, and co-developed the series X-Men: Evolution.

His work on the series Transformers: Beast Machines, was highly controversial, gaining favor among new viewers but polarizing longtime Transformer fans. His short story "Singularity Ablyss" was published in the anthology Transformers: Legends.

Skir's work on the Pocket Dragon Adventures episode "Festival of Lights" earned him a nomination for the Humanitas Award.

Skir has taught numerous classes in Animation Writing at UCLA's Department of Film, Television, and Digital Media.

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