Robert O'Gorman

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Robert O'Gorman
Other names Leo Gorman
Occupation actor, voice actor, voice-over, narrator

Robert O'Gorman is an American actor, voice actor, voice-over and narrator, who has worked with NYAV Post.


Live-Action (Television)[edit]

Live-Action (Film/Movies)[edit]


Theater (select credits)[1][edit]


  • Betrayel - Robert
  • A Matter of Crime - Roy Harris
  • Rogue's Gallery - Walter
  • The Plough & The Stars - Jack Clitheroe

Boston - New Repertory Theatre[edit]

  • A Skull In Connemara - Mick

Chicago - Dream Theatre Co.[edit]

  • Real Inspector Hound - Inspector Hound
  • After Magritte Reginald Harris
  • Henry IV - Hotspur
  • As I Lay Dying - Cash Bundren
  • Orpheus Descending - Val Xavier
  • Les Femmes Savantes - Clitandre


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