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Robert O. Fisch (born June 12, 1925 in Budapest, Hungary) is a Hungarian-born American pediatrician, artist, and author.[1] He survived a Nazi concentration camp during the Second World War.[2] After the war Fisch attended medical school and participated in the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.[2] In 1957, after a death threat, Fisch emigrated to the United States where he became world-renowned for his work in pediatrics, specifically with phenylketonuria.[2]

Fisch is an artist as well as an author. His most notable book is Light from the Yellow Star.[1][3] Other titles include: Metamorphosis To Freedom, Children’s Letters To A Holocaust Survivor, and Fisch Stories.[2] Now retired, Fisch spends his time speaking to children about the importance of humanity. Fisch has conceived the exhibit "The Value of One Life" at the Minnesota History Center.[4]


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