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Robert Henry Lawrence Phillipson (born 18 March 1942 in Gourock, Scotland)[1] is Research Professor at Copenhagen Business School's Department of English. He is perhaps best known for writing Linguistic Imperialism and English-Only Europe?: Challenging Language Policy (translated in Esperanto by István Ertl: Ĉu nur-angla Eŭropo? Defio al lingva politiko). He graduated as an undergraduate from Cambridge University

He got his PhD from the University of Amsterdam and his interests include language pedagogy, language policy, and linguistic human rights.

On 21 February 2010, Phillipson was awarded the Linguapax Prize along with Miquel Siguan i Soler. Linguapax Institute describes them as "renowned advocates of multilingual education as a factor of peace and of linguistic rights against cultural and linguistic homogenization processes". [2]


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