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Robert Pralgo
Born (1966-06-04) June 4, 1966 (age 52)
Years active1994–present

Robert Pralgo (born June 4, 1966) is an American actor.

Pralgo was born in the Bronx in New York City. He graduated with a "BA Television and Film Production" at the University of Georgia in 1989. After graduation, he worked as a bartender while attending acting classes at Atlanta and a few years later, he moved to Los Angeles where he continued with his studies in the field of acting. He started to appear in hearings and agents in Atlanta and got his first works in advertising, video and television series with Houghton Agency.[1]


Year Title Role Director Notes
1994 Stickfighter Robert Reves BJ Davis
Matlock Paul Retzke Christopher Hibler TV Series (1 Episode)
1995 All My Children Maitre'd Valley Inn Conal O'Brien TV Series (3 Episodes)
1996 Beat Daddies Beat Poetry MC James Kanter
Baywatch Nights Eddie Georg Fenady TV Series (1 Episode)
1998 The Waterfront Mobster Jesse Dell & John M. Sjogren
2001 Going to California Vance Clarington John Asher TV Series (1 Episode)
2002 Blood Bath Jack Hess William McDaniel Also Casting Director
Epiphany Paul Trulli Jim Hunter Short
2003 A Conspiracy Peter Walsh Rick Jordan
Vicious Steve Matt Green
Identity Crisis Inspector Alan Goddard Les Rayburn & Les Rayburn Jr. Short
Dawson's Creek Cute Guy James Whitmore Jr. TV Series (1 Episode)
2004 Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius Reporter Rowdy Herrington
Last Goodbye Odesky Jacob Gentry
Delivery Boy Chronicles Chad Stacey Childers
2005 Shooting Gallery Robert Hudson Keoni Waxman
Battaglia Thomas Carter Owen Smith Short
One Tree Hill Attorney Michael Lange TV Series (1 Episode)
2006 The Feeding Jack Driscoll Paul Moore
2007 Blood Ties Jim Davis Kely McClung Also Writer, Casting Director & Executive Producer
The Promise Charles Brown Shandra L. McDonald Short
The Honored Reverend James Magliocca Short
Prison Break Agent Holdrich Dwight H. Little TV Series (1 Episode)
House of Payne Officer Tyler Perry TV Series (1 Episode)
Army Wives Sgt. George Polarski John T. Kretchmer & Jeff Melman TV Series (3 Episodes)
2008 Crystal River Paul Nance Brett Levner
Rex Bar Drunk Christopher L. Miller
Keepsake TTD Paul Moore (2)
Precious Cargo Jack Max Adams Short
Waking Up Bearded Man Micah Ranum Short
Harvest Moon Walter Micah Ranum (2) Short
First Kill Rayburn Micah Ranum (3) Short
2009 The Joneses Alex Bayner Derrick Borte
The Blind Side Lemming's Associate John Lee Hancock
12 Rounds Camouflaged Agent Renny Harlin
Savage Mitchell Jordan Blum
Love Fever Stan Michele Grey & William Schweikert
I Am the Bluebird Charles Galloway Thomas Verrette Short
The Mandala Maker Art Professor Wade Sam Borowski Short
Also Associate Producer
My Fake Fiancé Ben Gil Junger TV Movie
Acceptance Ari Sanaa Hamri TV Movie
One Tree Hill Frank Peter B. Kowalski TV Series (1 Episode)
Drop Dead Diva Doctor James Hayman TV Series (1 Episode)
High Rise Marcus Hunt Charles Van Eman TV Series (14 Episodes)
2009-10 The Vampire Diaries Mayor Lockwood Several TV Series (8 Episodes)
2010 Upside Cornell Recruiter Ken Horstmann
The Fat Boy Chronicles Mr. Grove Jason Winn
Exhibit A-7 Adam Minarovich Also Producer
Kerberos Lester Armstrong Kely McClung (2)
Pantheon Black Leon Fabian Rush
Tainted Blood Hally's Dad Martin L. Kelley Short
YardByrds Bad Lieutenant Jason Hawkins Short
Puppets of War Voice Corey Ellis, Michael Landau & Francis McDonald Short
My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2 Ted Bell Jacob Gentry (2) TV Movie
Past Life Prosecutor Gerron Kate Woods TV Series (1 Episode)
The Gates Alex Dupree David Grossman TV Series (1 Episode)
2011 Love Thy Enemy Captain Charles Parker J Knorr
Take Me Out Parker Lam Michael H. Harper Short
Sweatshop Ceo Joshua Wilcox Short
The Lost Valentine David Oliver Darnell Martin TV Movie
Criminal Behavior Officer Deaton Tim Matheson TV Movie
Franklin & Bash Reporter Jason Ensler TV Series (1 Episode)
Single Ladies Martin Perez Tamra Davis TV Series (1 Episode)
2011-15 Avengers Assemble! Nick Fury Chris Burns TV Series (5 Episodes)
2012 The Collection Doctor Marcus Dunstan
Carl Mike Ingram Greg Daniel
The Great Divide Martin Ibrahim Yilla
A Zombie Invasion Sheriff Long Matt Green (2)
Perception Murray Weideman Stan Harrington
Remote Control Matthew McGahren Short
Clear Revenge Dr. Gerard Christie Maher TV Series (1 Episode)
Teen Wolf David Whittemore Toby Wilkins & Russell Mulcahy TV Series (4 Episodes)
Becky & Barry Brody Steele Jay D. Zimmerman TV Series (5 Episodes)
2013 Standing Up Client D. J. Caruso
Solace Nolan Vandon N. Gibbs
Remnants Art Bernard Tim Szczesniak
Implanted Charles Galloway Thomas Verrette (2)
Reckless Bauman Martin Campbell TV Movie
Diggy Simmons MOW Mr. Bartell Salim Akil TV Movie
Witches of East End Bill Thatcher Allan Arkush TV Series (1 Episode)
Revolution Captain Burke Charles Beeson & Nick Copus TV Series (2 Episodes)
2014 Kill the Messenger Sheriff Nelson Michael Cuesta
Taken 3 Cop Olivier Megaton
Altered The Priest Kely McClung (3)
The Morningside Monster Tom Haulk Chris Ethridge
Lost Angels Richard Steinberg Stan Harrington
A Free Bird Police Commander Gregg Russell
The Semi-Hostage Incident Robert Jason Hawkins (2) Short
Satisfaction Doug Stephen Gyllenhaal TV Series (1 Episode)
Red Band Society Black T-Shirt Dude Tricia Brock TV Series (1 Episode)
2014-15 The Haves and the Have Nots Professor Cannon Tyler Perry (2) TV Series (8 Episodes)
2015 Furious 7 Merc Tech James Wan
Constantine Dr. Bob Carroll Sam Hill TV Series (1 Episode)
The Drunks Raul Thomas Bell TV Series (1 Episode)
2017 The Yellow Birds Frank Alexandre Moors
The Leisure Seeker Phillip Paolo Virzì


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