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Robert Pringle (born 1940) is an American poet, schoolmaster, blacksmith and park ranger.

Of Scottish descent and originally from Ohio, from 1962 to 1987 Pringle was a schoolteacher, teaching English and biology in high schools. Since then he has concentrated on poetry, but has also worked as a park ranger at the Inniswood Metro Gardens, as a rural mail carrier, a laboratory technician in bacteriology, a house painter, and as an attendant in a mental hospital.[1] In 1998 he was the joint owner of a herd of Alpine goats.[1]

His poems have been published in Orbis, Envoi, Green's Magazine, Onionhead Literary Quarterly, Poetry Motel, Lilliput Review, Psychopoetica, and Pegasus Review.[1]

In 2004 his poem "Ricardo Klement Speaks of Border Wars" won the First Prize in the Scottish International Open Poetry Competition.[2]

Poetry Collections[edit]

  • Cold Front (Pudding House Publications, 1998)
  • Inventing God (Pudding House Publications, 2008, ISBN 9781589986572)


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