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Robert Rankin (1866 – June 29, 1952) was a Scottish-born merchant and politician in Ontario, Canada. He served as mayor of North Bay from 1909 to 1910.[1]

The oldest of five children, Rankin moved to the United States with his family around 1868. The family returned to Scotland eight years later following the death of his mother; his father died two years later. Rankin came to Canada with the help of Reverend William Quarrier and was placed on the Murdoch McKenzie family farm near Orangeville. He came to North Bay with McKenzie's son William in 1885. In 1888,[1] Rankin married William's sister Elizabeth.[2]

In the same year, he established a grocery store in North Bay. He retired from business in 1926.[1]

Rankin served several years on the North Bay council.[2] He was also a member of the board of health, the town planning commission and the Old Age Pension board. He was a founding member of the local Board of Trade. He also was chair of the board for the local Children's Aid Society.[1]

Rankin was a promoter of the Georgian Bay Ship Canal.[2]


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