Robert Rodi

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Robert Rodi
Born 1956
Chicago, Illinois
Nationality American
Area(s) Writer, critic, playwright, performance artist
Notable works
Codename: Knockout
Kept Boy

Robert Rodi (born 1956 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American novelist, playwright, comic book writer, essayist, and performance artist.


Much of his fiction centers on gay themes and several of his novels are named after archetypes of gay male culture. Rodi himself is openly gay.[1] The Chicago settings of his books also reflect his background.

Rodi's short fiction is collected in a number of anthologies, including Men on Men 5 and Neil Gaiman's The Sandman: Book of Dreams. His comic book work has appeared in Marvel Comics, the DC Comics imprint Vertigo, and other independent publishers. He was also well known in comic book circles during the '60s and '70s as a prolific writer of "letters to the editor" (as Bob Rodi).[2]

Rodi was a founding member of the Chicago-area performance group The Pansy Kings and contributed plays and performed at the Live Bait Theatre.

His novel Kept Boy is in post production and scheduled for a 2016 release.



  • Fag Hag (1991)
  • What They Did to Princess Paragon (1994)
  • Closet Case (1994)
  • Drag Queen (1995)
  • Kept Boy (1996)
  • The Birdcage — novelization of the film (1996)
  • Bitch Goddess (2002)
  • When You Were Me (2007)
  • The Sugarman Bootlegs (2011)
  • Baby (2012)
  • Edgar and Emma : A Novel after Jane Austen (2016)


  • Dogged Pursuit: My Year of Competing Dusty, the World's Least Likely Agility Dog (2009)
  • Seven Seasons in Siena: My Quixotic Quest for Acceptance Among Tuscany's Proudest People (2011)
  • Bitch In a Bonnet: Reclaiming Jane Austen from the Stiffs, the Snobs, the Simps and the Saps (Volumes 1&2) (2012)



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