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Robert Schlesinger is managing editor for opinion at U.S. News and World Report, a liberal blogger on the site's Thomas Jefferson Street blog[1] and the Huffington Post, and the writer of a biweekly column for U.S. News. He is the youngest son of the late historian Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. and the youngest brother of Stephen Schlesinger. His first book, published in April 2008 is on the history of presidential speech writers and is called White House Ghosts: Presidents and Their Speechwriter.[2] He taught political reporting at Boston University's Washington Journalism Center.


A New York City native, he is a graduate of Middlebury College. He now lives in Alexandria, Virginia, with his wife and their two sons. He is the son of noted historian Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.

Professional career[edit]

Schlesinger has worked at the Center for Public Integrity as a researcher, then at The Hill as a reporter and political editor, at as chief congressional correspondent, and as a Washington, DC reporter for The Boston Globe. He is currently managing editor for Opinion at U.S. News and World Report and oversees all of its opinion content, including the Thomas Jefferson Street blog.[1] He is the author of White House Ghosts: Presidents and Their Speechwriters (Simon & Schuster, 2008).[2]


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