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Robert Shaw (theatre director)

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For other people named Robert Shaw, see Robert Shaw (disambiguation).

Robert Shaw (born 14 June 1956) is an English theatre director, writer and translator. He is the founder and artistic director of Inside Intelligence, a London-based theatre company specialising in new plays and contemporary music theatre.[1]

Early life

Shaw was born in 1956. He is the only child of John Shaw (eldest son of the British composer Martin Shaw) and Anne Shaw (née Wilson).[2]

Inside Intelligence

In 1995, he founded his London-based theatre company, Inside Intelligence.[3] His productions include:

His translation of Tejas Verdes by Fermín Cabal was praised by both The Guardian ("eloquently translated by Robert Shaw") and The Times ("Robert Shaw’s translation from Cabal’s Spanish is warm and rich, even poetic") when it opened at the Gate Theatre in 2005 directed by Thea Sharrock.[8][9] It is published by Oberon Books.


His interest in Isadora Duncan and Gordon Craig was aroused by the fact that Martin Shaw was Craig's closest lifelong friend and the only artist ever to work with him successfully more than once.[10][11] Martin Shaw also toured Europe twice as conductor for Duncan in 1906 and 1907, while she was intimately involved with Craig.[12] His cousin is the actor Sebastian Shaw.

Personal life

Robert Shaw and Ines San Segundo were married in 1995 and have a son, Vladimir, born in 1997.[2]


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