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Robert Siciliano
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Robert Siciliano, Identity Theft Expert

Robert Siciliano (born May 25, 1968) is an American security analyst, author and media personality. He delivers presentations throughout the United States and Canada on identity theft protection and personal security, including self-defense.

Siciliano has appeared on United States-based television programming such as "The Today Show," "Anderson Cooper 360°", CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, CNBC, "Inside Edition," "Tyra Banks Show," "Sally Jesse Show," "Montel Williams," "Maury Povich Show," "Gayle King Show" and the "Howard Stern Show." In addition, he has been quoted extensively in American news print publications such as USA Today, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, and Entrepreneur. News wire services such as The Associated Press, United Press International, and Reuters have provided coverage on his views.

Life and career[edit]

Robert Siciliano grew up in and around Boston, Massachusetts. He studied several forms of defensive training from different sources, and began his career as a personal safety trainer.

Siciliano wrote his first book on the fundamentals of self-defense in 1996. Talk show host Montel Williams was the first to broadcast Siciliano nationally. Show producers worked with Siciliano to develop scenarios where he would socially engineer his way into resident’s homes in Elizabethtown New Jersey posing as a utility worker.

By the turn of the century Siciliano had been invited to offer his expertise on many additional talkshows on such subjects as home invasion prevention, spousal abuse, rape prevention, stalking and non-lethal weaponry.

After the September 11 attacks, Siciliano was invited to offer commentary as a news correspondent in regards to many security issues with various networks. Siciliano began commenting on school shootings, terrorist hoaxes, workplace violence, privacy issues, child abductions, and travel security.

In 2002, studies began to appear regarding the rise in identity theft and computer crimes. Siciliano, a personal security adviser, began to hear from victims of identity theft requesting assistance in responding to compromised identities. A prior victim himself, he began the quest of educating and informing citizens and businesses on the extent of the crime and predicted an onslaught of identity theft and data breaches in the coming years. As the crime soared, media inquiries poured in.

ATM skimming and ATM fraud related crimes became newsworthy events in 2009. In September 2009, Siciliano conducted an experiment that tested the ease of buying and deploying a retail ATM and as a result raised a few eyebrows in the ATM industry. He was able to purchase an ATM for $750.00 US on, then program and deploy the retail ATM without any red tape or paperwork registration. The ATM also contained over 1000 credit and debit card numbers. Reports of security concerns and Siciliano's access to information retained on the ATM began turning up on the Web, and the ATM industry reportedly braced itself for the backlash.[1]


Identity theft[edit]

Siciliano is a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist under the guidelines of The Institute of Fraud Risk Management and the Community Educator at IdentityForce. Internet "how to" VideoJug features Siciliano as their resident Identity Theft Expert. Topics include preventing identity theft, protecting credit and debit cards, computer and laptop protection, protecting information on cell phones and PDAs, understanding the differences between financial and criminal identity theft.[2]

Personal security[edit]

Siciliano developed risk mitigation strategies for Members of the National Association of Realtors and contributes to the Realtor Safety Initiative Team for Realtor Safety Week. He has been Certified as an Instructor for Real Estate Continuing Education.

Nationwide presentations[edit]

Siciliano is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) a designation achieved through the National Speakers Association. Audiences nationwide have attended Siciliano's workshops on identity theft protection and personal security. Among others, these have include the:

  • United Bankers Bank
  • Massachusetts Association of Realtors[3]
  • Michigan Realtors
  • Industrial Asset Management Council[4]
  • National Association of Credit Managers[5]
  • Louisiana State University[6]
  • The Western States Director Education Foundation Symposium[7]
  • Meetings Professionals International[8]
  • United Bankers Bank[9]

Books authored[edit]

Siciliano is the author of four books:

  1. Siciliano, Robert. The Safety Minute: How To Be Safe In The Streets At Home And Abroad So You Can Save Your Life! 1996. SafetyZone Press. Boston, Ma. ISBN 0-9648126-2-2
  2. Siciliano, Robert. The Safety Minute: Living On High Alert; How To Take Control Of Your Personal Security And Prevent Fraud. 2003. SafetyZone Press. Boston, Ma. ISBN 0-9648126-7-3
  3. Siciliano, Robert. 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Your Identity Was Stolen. 2011. McAfee. Florida, NY. ASIN B0060GBP8Y[10]
  4. Siciliano, Robert. 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Your Mobile Device Was Hacked. 2012. McAfee. Florida, NY. ISBN 1937801195[11]

In addition, he has been referenced in three books and cited by an additional eight. He has also contributed to the development of five other books, including ones such as Protect your business against threats internally and externally and Riches In Niches, How to make it big in a small market.[citation needed]

Media appearances[edit]

Siciliano frequently lends his expertise to the news media as they report on issues related to identity theft (e.g., computer security, Social Security numbers, data breaches) and personal security (e.g., school shootings, rape prevention).


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