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Robert Taft may refer to:

  • Robert A. Taft (1889–1953), United States Senator from Ohio and son of U.S. President and Supreme Court Chief Justice William Howard Taft
  • Robert Taft (chemist and author) (1894–1955), author and chemistry professor at the University of Kansas
  • Robert Taft, Jr. (1917–1993), Robert A. Taft's son, 1960s U.S. representative and 1970s U.S. Senator from Ohio
  • Bob Taft (born 1942), Robert A. Taft's grandson, governor of Ohio
  • Robert Taft, Sr. (c. 1640–1725), 18th century founder of the U.S. Taft political family
  • Robert Taft, 2nd (1674–1748), colonial born pioneer son of the founder
  • Robert F. Taft (1932–2018), American Jesuit priest and archimandrite of the Eastern Catholic Church

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