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Robert Tan
Occupation Physician, Professor, Author, Businessperson
Period 2001–present
Genre Men's health, Andropause

Robert Tan is a physician, author and medical director. He has written & lectured extensively on aging and men's health issues including andropause. He is a pioneer in testosterone replacement therapy and effects on the brain.[1] [2] Dr. Tan was in UK to complete his studies in Geriatric Medicine at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith Hospital. His further medical training was completed at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He is noted to be one of the rare physicians in the world to hold multiple board certifications in different countries (Australia, UK, US), and also an MBA.[3] He is still in active clinical practice with more than 25 years experience and also founded the OPAL Medical Clinic, a unique center dedicated to wellness and men's health.[4] He is Clinical Professor with University of Texas Houston & Associate Professor with Baylor College of Medicine and a board member of Men's Health Network.[5] He has been elected to the Best Doctors in America for several consecutive years.[6]


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