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Robert Teichmüller.

Robert Teichmüller (4 May 1863 in Braunschweig – 6 May 1939 in Leipzig) was a German concert pianist and music educator.

He studied piano and music theory with Carl Reinecke at the Leipzig Conservatory where he later became a faculty member in 1897, promoted to professor in 1908. He became one of the most influential piano teachers of his time. His students included notable pianists Günther Ramin, Sigfrid Karg-Elert, Siegfried Rapp,[1] Harry Dean, Kurt Hessenberg, Eileen Joyce, Rudolf Wagner-Régeny, Herbert Albert, Rudolf Mauersberger, Elinor Kaland (maiden name Loose) and Ernst Oster, who became a music theory teacher. He also edited piano music of Mozart and Max Reger. In 1927 he wrote an ongoing survey of "International Modern Piano Music" with Kurt Hermann.


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In English[edit]

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